27 May

Force of Nature – Undefeated

forceofnatureEven though it's not a bank holiday in France I still had the day off, so i'm going to grab a freebie of a track that's been in my headphones for most of last week and over the weekend:

Force of Nature – Undefeated

It's no big secret that i like that slo-mo deep house sound, and this nails it in the most wonderful of ways. It starts out with a simple sampled break, Claudja Barry's – Love for the sake of Love, but it soon switches up a gear with the introduction of a heavy kick drum and an arpeggiated synth line. The track holds it's shape from there, delayed bassline, some small effects, and pads, it's very Balearic sounding, and it just keeps you locked in and waiting for the track to get where it's going, which it does in the most spectacular of ways.

Around the 3.20 mark; there is a huge key change and the pads go from minor to major key, and it just goes up and up soaring away, the introduction of  a strummed guitar again lends credence to the Balearic feel of the track and if you close your eyes you could be on any of the white islands.

Originally released in 2006 on Japans Mule Musiq label. It's a really old track but i only stumbled upon it recently. Force of Nature (consisting of  DJ Kent and KZA) have been around for a while, with a eclectic but electronic based output (if that makes sense) so it's worth checking out the back catalogue, as while it may not be as emotive as this there is some real gems in there.


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