10 Jan

Flowers & Sea Creatures – The Sitting Room





Borrowing analogue synth lines from Moroder and Jarre, and leaning heavily on movie soundtracks, Kosta Megalos’ deep and morose electronic disco tinged production really sets a mood on the Flowers & Sea Creatures album that once countered with Graham Baxters powerfully melancholic vocals, gives you all the ingredients for a cracking album, and blimey are there some moments on it.

For me this track is by far the stand out song. Yeah it may sound a bit Thom Yorke, but that’s no bad thing when executed to this level of perfection. It’s dark, but uplifting and proved a nice mellow start to the day. Close your eyes and let it wash over you.

Flowers & Sea Creatures have created quite a Buzz on the Electronica scene over the last year or so. Ben Watts  label finally delivers a truly complete album after having promised on a  couple of occasions but never quite delivering.

Great album, great track, and if you like this you should certainly seek the album out. I got it from e-music but the CD packaging is really nice, and done by an old friend at the excellent "iwant" design agency.


Playlist Tuesday 10th January

Rough start to the day. Up at 5am (thanks little man), Metro more packed than usual. Give up my seat to let more people get on. So, headphones in, player on and try and ignore the miserable old witch who’s in my grill the whole journey. First world problems, eh?

Anyway, couldn’t really settle on anything today, lots of restless skipping through the players contents, and trying to find something to lighten the ever deepening mood. Skip, no, skip, no, skip, wait, back one. Yeah! that’ll do it.

Playlist: Locus Solus – Next to You, Larse – So Long, Flowers & Sea Creatures – The Sitting Room, Kris Menace Presents Stars on 33 – Let the music guide you EP, Plej – You (Kompis Remix)

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