12 Dec Floating Points

Floating Points – Nuits Sonores

Couple of days holiday, so no playlist as such to pick a track from, so i'm grabbing a freebie.

Floating Points – Nuits Sonores

We're big fans of Sam Shepherd around here. Both Fourbears and myself have featured tracks by him and i make no apologies for featuring him again.

I've quite a simple taste in music, especially when it comes Dance Music, for me it's all about locking into a groove be it 1/2 bar full bar or 4 bar, if it's funky I can listen to it for hours. I guess it's growing up listening to hip Hop and the original breaks, but I just love tracks that are locked in and looped. Obviously it’s nice that the track can progress, but the best house music in my opinion is the type that teaches you the main hook and builds on that.

I've said it a few times, but it’s trance inducing, and I don’t mean trance hands in the air wave a glow stick trance, i mean trancey in the same way really out their freeform jazz and funk can be.

On Nuits Sonores the track starts with a filtered down one bar loop that just drifts up and builds over the first third of the track, Stabbed and Filtered Rhodes Chords, Analog arp’s coupled with copious twiddling of the resonance knob. It kind of comes across like Ramsey Lewis meets LFO, and from there on in it's a jazz heavy work out with Shepherds virtuoso playing front and center, but there int he background is that god almighty groove.

The tracks been tearing it up for a while but only jst got released, it's a brilliant gem of Jazz soaked Deep House that if you're into Blaze and the likes you'll want to get. it’s also worth checking out the flip side of the EP as well, the utterly mesmerizing boogie funk of Nectarines

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