14 Dec

Floating Points – Love me Like this

I’m going to make this a very very short post today as wordpress seems to have gotten itself in a tizz and it’s very difficult to work within it right now… but i wanted to post this track, so am struggling through in my html editor like a good little soldier (so you’ll have to forgive the spelling mistakes and shoddy presentation).

The track is the amazing: floating points – love me like this

I’m actually surprised it’s taken me so long to get around to posting this, but seeing as this si post number 200 i thought finally it was an appropriate time to post what is one of my favourite tracks of the last 5 years – and i’m pretty sure fourbearsjr is a fan as well.

As such i’ll spare you all the details about Sam Shepherd (floating points) and just cut straight to the track. it’s essentially a rework of Real to Reel – love me like this, a big dancefloor crushing 80’s boogie tune. Shepherd has taken a tiny one two bar loop and a vocal snippet and rebuilt a huge sprawling slow mo house track out of it. filtering down the chords from the sample he uses it to build the tracks gradual momentum, introducing the vocal everynow and then to punctuate the next phase. all through that there are small synths going off here and there and a lovely simple 8 step analog bassline undelining the melody and just elevate the uplfiting feeling behind the track to where it needs to be.

The track starts out simple enough, just building then you get the drop into the sample (you can’t miss it) then the sidechaining comes in, the levels start to pump and yer man shows his skills on the keyboards and just takes it home with a massive long synth solo… it’s actually quite stunning how talented a keyboard player Shepherd is, there is footage of him just jamming up on youtube, sat at a keyboard and ad libing keys over stuff, and it’s frankly stunning.

anyway, it dropped back in 2008, on R2 records, and is still easy to get, there are a few various version, one using the sample a lot more, but this is the version that does it for me.. enjoy

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