15 Jul

Floating Points – King Bromeliad

l have very little tolerance for music i don't like. A) i struggle to not say how much i dislike it and B) if its on the radio i am switching it over or off to listen to something else. 

The latter happened this morning, stuck in a traffic jam, duff track on the radio, i switched to my mp3 and first out of the box was this beauty off the latest Floating Points EP – King Bromeliad.

It came out a few months ago and is another blinder from Sam Shepherd. We have featured his work before on this blog as it is something Aapie and I both love. The thing about Floating Points, like most great music, is that you know its him straight away, and yet it always sounds fresh. I love the organic quality of this track, the live drum sound, the jazz elements, the fact that the bass almost decimated my car speakers, the fact that played quiet its beautifully laid back, but if you turn it up it turns into a monster. Most of all i love the intro that sounds like its a recording of him playing the track out, complete with punters talking and then bang, the actual track drops in. Immense stuff


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