31 Mar

The Field – No. No… (John Tejada Mix)

I've been wanting to blog today’s track for a long time, but it always felt a little cheeky considering it's a vinyl only release and it's one to be tracked down. Never the less, i finally relented after a slow and meandering journey into work soundtrack by the utterly magnificent:

The Field – No. No… (John Tejada Mix)

Deep is the only way to describe this track. If you know the original The Field version it's a slow dark and melodic track, that was one of the standouts on "The Cupid's Head" LP for me.

Tejada takes the track keeps the slow-pitched tempo and adds a syncopated rhythm over the filtered intro and builds the track around a deep bubbling bassline, stunning synth pad and melodic lead line until the warped and chopped vocal from the original arrives in much force. In the truth the track never strays from the path for long keeping building slowly and organically for the duration of the track.

I'm gonna call it there, not because i'm lazy (well i am a bit) but because it's a stunning track and well worth just getting straight into. If you haven't do check out the album by The Field, as great as this remix is it also deserves a massive amount of love:

No. No… (John Tejada Mix) by Kompakt

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