22 Oct

Fickle Friends – For You (Cesare Remix)

Gonna jump straight in here with today’s choice:

Fickle Friends – For You (Cesare Remix)

We both have a bit of a thing for that 90’s french pop music sound. That vocal dancey floating pop sound that artists like Phoenix and Labels like Kitsune made so popular,there is just something, well…. nice, about the sound and the original of today’s choice by Brightons Fickle Friends is exactly that.

Needless to say it was a huge track on Hype Machine, as was their quite magnificent "Swim" which you'll find on their Soundcloud page and is about as perfect a hybrid pop song as you'll find anywhere.

The thing is though the style of vocal and structure of the songs nearly always lend themselves to a top notch disco house remix, and I often found that when they get the remix i end up connecting with that a lot more. Which is the case here with Cesares remix of For you – taking the track and turning it into a floating poolside/lounge anthem.

It's also worth checking out his superb downtempo remix of Suvi: https://soundcloud.com/suviofficial/bleeding-for-your-love-cesare which is so good i nearly ended up featuring it instead:

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