17 Oct

Extraperlo – Banadores

I’m going to be honest, today i am actually talking about my journey yesterday as, by the time I got home last night, i didn’t have time to put a post up. But, my commute was interesting yesterday and I let shuffle do its thing – and it through up Banadores by Extraperlo.

I do like listening to music that doesn’t' use English. You can disconnect yourself from the lyrics; remove the chance of being put off off by clichés and overused rhymes and focus on the music. This works for Extraperlo as they are Spanish. i don’t know much about them – I came across this album, Desayuno Continantal, in 2009 and liked the kind of disco tropicalia sound they were peddling. While writing this I found out that they have just released a new album, which was produced by El Guincho. There is a similarity between them (I assume even more on this new album obviously) but Extaperlo have a sound of heir own. And that is all I am going to say about that. It’s a really nice melodic, uplifting track. The vocals won’t be for everyone but the music is infectious. Check it out and if you like it check out the album.



So my journey was a bit different as I had to get across London, from my hotel, to the venue of a workshop. I had to go via London Bridge, during rush hour. Now it has been a long time since I lived in London, but the sheer volume of people took me by surprise. I was going the opposite way to this tidal wave as I was heading out of London, and as I walked along I had to circum navigate this endless stream of people. It seemed like it would never stop, and although this is London we are talking about it still amazes me that a city can support so many people working. I got some really nice closed headphones from my wife for my birthday (I have always used the old school bud ones before) and they cut me off from he noise. I walked through the silent masses listening as the player randomly skipped through tracks. I recently loaded some stuff and basically I am listening through albums in my collection that I haven’t maybe given a proper go. My playlist ended up with a distinctly indie feel in he main, although it started off with the Leo Zero mix of Golden Filters ‘Kill Me’. Then it went to the Swedish indie pop of Envelopes, past the alt country of The Deep Dark Woods finally finishing on today’s track, the great Banadores by Extraperlo.

Playlist: the golden filter – kill me (leo zero mix), envelopes – boat, gigi – no, my heart will go on, the wave pictures – my head gets screwed on tighter every year, the deep dark woods – virginia, destroyer – 3000 flowers, andrew ashong – flowers, fleet foxes- blue spotted tail, extraperlo – banadores

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