10 Sep

evitaN – 3 Kings feat Sadat X

Been in a bit of a Hip Hop mood for the last week. i find it easy music to listen to when it's done properly and this is it done very properly.

evitaN – 3 Kings feat Sadat X

Basically it's a cracking piece of golden era style hip hop. A nice simple sampled hook, chorus cuts and three absolutely amazing MC's in Jarobi, Dres and the guest MC Sadat X from the mighty Brand Nubians (which i suppose is the 3 kings in reference).

I was always a big fan of Brand Nubians so when ever Sadat X pops up on a track i tend to take notice. Sadly they tend to turn out pretty disappointingly. Happily this is one of those tracks that when i listen to it I'm transported back to the mid-90's & early 00's when Hip Hop was at it's most creative. 

The lyrics are reasonably positive, and each MC brings a different but concise flow, with nice punchlines and reference points. The beat is serious “Boom Bap” as I'm reliably informed they say in the industry, and is produced by Will Tell, who's been behind beats for pumpkinhead and Sadat X on his own solo material, essentially all you need to know is it's tight.

It also has a cracking video, so i opted to embed that rather than just the track.


Playlist Monday 10th September 2012

I've had to travel without music due to tiredness and crazy working hours, and today was no exception. so i grabbed  a freebie of a track I've ben listening to a LOT lately. It's above. I'm hoping my playlists will return on Wednesday.

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