24 Aug

Evil Cowards – Moving Through Security

One group I always enjoyed was Electric Six, yeah fair enough like everyone else I got sick of people singing Gay Bar in my face, but High Voltage was pretty awesome (just ask Jack White), and though criminally under rated they’ve been steadily producing funny yet accomplished albums for the last 12 years or so.

Growing up in the 80’s you couldn’t help but be exposed to some seriously tongue in cheek music. Groups like Devo and the B52’s whilst musically on point always had a smile on their face, and a wicked sense of irony about them striking the perfect balance between laughing at them and humming a super catchy pop song, and I find that balance missing in a lot of modern music.

Dick Valentine (Tyler Spencer) the singer behind the group has always had his finger in many other pies and one of the best in my opinion was his forays into electronica with William Bates from Fall on Your Sword – Evil Cowards and one of my favourite tracks that i revisited over the weekend is “Moving through Security”, which also happens to be the name of their 2012 second album.

It’s an interesting track, pure unadulterated Electro pop. If you’ve heard any Kistune Maison , Flume, Empire of the Sun or Churches over the last 3-4 years you’ll know the formula, massive super saw tooth synths, vocal harmonies and a catchy chorus that isn’t anywhere near as catchy as the rest of the song.

All present and correct in “Moving with Security” but as with most of his work it’s Spencer’s witty ironic lyrics that separate the wheat from the chaff – there is literally no point where the song takes itself too seriously, how can a song comparing airport secuirty to love be taken seriously, and it’s all the much better for that awash with just catchy and fun melodies and lyrics:

“Now you’re alerting your superiors,
You’re doing everything to keep me off this bird,
If you examine my interiors,
You better be prepared to be at a lost for words,”

Sorry but that’s pure genius.

Anyway, give it a listen see what you think.

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