19 Aug Eva Gina

Eva Gina – Without You

I wasn't very well this weekend, hence no post yesterday and today I've picked a quick freebie. But what a freebie it is:

Eva Gina –  Without You

Eva Gina is an alias for Lino Rodrigues Polónio, who's also recorded under the monker Alkalino, Audaz and Lino, and basically this whole track is a re-edit of Alice Meyers wonderful disco gospel track "I Want to Thank You".

He's taken the track slowed it down chopped it into little bits, then layered it ontop of the beat from Masters At Work "I Can't get no sleep" which he's sped up and edited and layered percussion samples over, and the results are a dancefloor destroying big beat stomper. From the opening bars you know it's going to be a blistering trip into funk and then the vocal sample slams in after a teasing intro and you're off.

And that's pretty much all there is to it.

It came out in 2011, but i only just stumbled onto it again after digging through my harddrive.



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