04 Dec

Eric B & Rakim – Eric B is President

Coincidence is a funny thing. The other day, after hearing I Know You Got Soul by Eric B & Rakim, I started thinking about their other tracks. I Know and Paid in Full are two of their tracks that get played the most, but it was always today’s track that I liked the most.

Eric B is President by Eric B & Rakim.

Driving home tonight, when Paid in Full came on, I think it gave me licence to stick this classic up. And it really is a classic, a seminal hip hop track in my opinion. Aapie has it on 12″ and as kids we listened to it relentlessly. I love the breaks, the samples, the cutting, but it is Rakim that really nails this track for me. He is regarded by many as the best rapper ever and on this his rhymes and flows are brilliant, particularly for the time.

I wonder what people who have never heard this track make of it when they hear it now. For me, it will always bring back great memories and be regarded as a classic.

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