19 Nov

Erdbeerschnitzel – Through the Night

As the mighty Rakim once said "I know you got soul", and I like to think he was including me in that statement.

Even if he wasn't I think he would approve of todays choice the ever so soulful sounds of Erdbeerschnitzel, and his track "Through the Night".

I first stumbled upon Tim Keiling's work with his Suave EP on the Dutch 4lux label, it was all over the place – and i mean that in a good way. Some lovely chopped and glitchy house in Suave, some soulful wonk with "In their eyes" (which was actually a bonus track and some deep soulful pad workouts in 360. It was one of my favourite EP's of the last few years. Seriously if you haven't heard or got it you really need it, it's mind blowingly good.

So i was pretty excited to hear he had a new EP out last month, followed by the release of his album, on..er, well today actually, the 19th November.

Regardless of all that, the track i chose is from the EP that dropped a few weeks ago on the interesting Mirau label.

The is pure unadulterated 80's tinged soulful house. I think it samples a track by the legendary Change  but i can't quite place it. but that's not the point it's how it's been put together, simple and effective chopping of the vocal and bass sample, with little flourishes of the track seeping through and added to with Keilings intuitive synth play and effects (he does love a bit of compression and a long filter sweep).

All in all the effect is stunning, and funky, and soulful and jazzy… which is a huge part of all his work. Over all the track is one of those rare electronic tracks that can work as well in a club, dj set or just chilling sat at home..it's warm, yet still digital which i think is an incredible trick to pull off.

You can grab it from Beatport, or Juno (link in the soundcloud player below) I highly recommend you do.

Anyway, lets get to the track, I think you'll like it, because I really really do.

Playlist 19th November 2012

Woke up early this morning, and by early i mean F*CKING early. *Ping* awake at 3.30am, and unable to get back to sleep, i had a browse through some music I'd been meaning to listen to for a while, and unsurprisingly got stuck on the Erdbeerschnitzel EP I'd picked up last week.

Having loaded my MP3 Player up with everything Erdbeerschnitzel I posess, i headed off to work with bleary eyes and a cuddle and kiss from my little boy. First up i revisited the "Suave" EP on  4 LUX, In Their Eyes was abig track for me for a long long time, still is i suppose, the way the vocals are chopped without losing the soul i find amazing. From there i jumped to todays choice "Through the Night", so look up and you'll get my feelings on that one.

There was only one way to go from those soulful beats and that was to the classic Change albums Miracles and "This is your time". So from what turned out to not be so much fun last night became a soulful start to a decent enough day, and to top things off i got home to find out my little boy had made me biscuits. win win.

Playlist: Erdbeerschnitzel – In their eyes, Erdbeerschnitzel – 360, ​Erdbeerschnitzel – Suave, Erdbeerschnitzel – Through the Night, Change – Miracles LP, Change – This is your Time LP


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