12 Mar

Erdbeerschnitzel – Morgans Glen

I’ve always been a follower of Erdbeerschnitzel, but I do understand his eclectic take on music production doesn’t always mean you know what you’re getting but when he hits the spot he really is on another level. I really also love the fact he makes music as a hobby and is open about it, it’s not his primary artistic outlet and he’s frequently said he does it for fun first and foremost.
To the track and Morgans Glen? what is there to say it’s just utterly stunning as a track. Big, emotional, soaring. All words I could, and would, use for it but in reality, they’d not likely convey the true beauty in the track.
I guess you need to listen for yourself, but I’ll say this it’s a rare occasion we feature music you can’t buy, but this is a special kind of track, and frankly how the f*ck it hasn’t been picked up by a label yet is absolutely beyond me. From experience, I think that music that is aired on Soundcloud first seldom gets picked up, which in this case is a massive shame.


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