02 Nov

Erdbeerschnitzel – Hessian Arc

It's been a bit manic around here, so apologies for the lack of posts from myself and Fourbearsjr: a holiday, watching the Rugby World Cup, a shocking bout of man-flu and a bunch of other family related things have all conspired to bring the blog to an unplanned grinding halt for the last week, but i'm back now and i'm going to use this one to revisit a favourite artist of mine in the wonderfully named Erdbeerschnitzel, but feature newish material from his amazing LP The Attendants on the wicked little Rote Liebe label/club/whatever from Cologne.


I've featured Erdbeerschnitzel a few times, his off center take on house and electronica just sits so well with me and todays choice from the LP is a perfect example of why i love his music so much.


The combination of Organic and Electronic sounds are perfectly balance but it's the the way the rhythm drives the melody and the melody drives the rhythm i find so mesmerising.


Take Hessian Arc for example, it starts out with a simple wood block rhthm to which is added a glockenspiel like sound that slowly keeps the rhythm whilst mutating into a two bar melodic loop that in turn becomes the driving focus the track layered with choiral like vocal stabs and before it builds to a minimal electro 808 driven breakdown before switching into a synth lead second part that revisits the exact same melody that evolves as the filter is slowly opened and closed over the remainder of the track.


It's a really quite stunning track and this coupled with the vast array of different styles ont he album is exactly why i like Erdbeerschnitzels music so much.


The LP on a whole is brilliant, there are 4 or 5 absolute standout tracks which on a 9 track LP is pretty good going, in fact i was struggling to pick between Hessian Arc and the dirty filthy dance floor onslaught of the distorted drums lead Girus and the old school deep house of Seyden.


So I've plumped for Hessian Arc as the lead track but the amazing funk of Girus as the track below (it's seriously bloody great), it came out last July but don’t let that stop you picking this brilliant LP up.



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