19 Sep funky like a train

The Equals – Funky like a train

Few little changes been going on here, slightly new layout as demanded by the readers, and a few little design tweaks that will continue to be implemented over the next week or so…. which meant I was up late last night doing it all, and then up early with a hyperactive child who wanted to watch CBeebies, which meant when i jumped on the train this morning I wasn’t in much of a mood to select music and just chucked the Nexus onto shuffle, and after about an hour of nothing really capturing my attention this came on and i soul walked all the way to the office:

The Equals –  Funky like a train

Most people know the Equals from Come Back Baby or from the association of Eddy Grants solo work like Walking on Sunshine, but they had a pretty prolific output and all the way through from the 60’s. Anyway, Funky like a train is an absolute favourite of mine, mainly because I first heard it on the MC Duke’s – I’m Riffin.

The track is quite slow deep funk, starting out with an utterly insane train noise and whistle noises before the most scintillating synth and bass line kick in and allow Grants charged lyrics and chanted chorus to flow along.

The first time i heard Funky like a train actually out on a big system was at the Africa Center in Covent Garden, it’s a killer track, that always sounds that little bit more nuts when slightly sped up and was huge, and I mean huge, on the casuals/soul boy scene.

I’ve had to plump for a youtube link, but if you can try and track it down, and do check out more of the Equals work, because some of it is really good, and they were from London to boot.

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