08 Feb

England Dan & John Ford Coley – Love is the Answer

I got a new set of headphones at the weekend, I actually had broken my regular set a couple of weeks ago, so my listening has been fairly limited to when the poxy things would work (after much fiddling). As such today was the first time in a while I was able to listen to music all the way to and back from work – and it was great doing so.


It would have been easy to spend that journey listening to a ton of new music – and of course I did, but i also dipped into the the humongous back catalog I always have on my phone, which ended up in a yacht Rock-athon, which lead to me hammering the cheesiest bit of soft rock going in England Dan & John Ford Coley – Love is the Answer.


The track was originally recorded by Todd Rundgren and Utopia, but it never really did anything until England Dan & John Ford Coley recorded it and took it up the US charts.


The track is a nice mid tempo rock track, along the lines of Steely Dan, Hall and Oats and the Eagles, a big steady bass line and a beautiful uplifting chorus. 


It's a great track, cheesy and fun, it's one of those tracks you find yourself smiling too – when I played it to my little boy his first reaction was to grin and sway from side to side – it's just a lovely relaxing smooth piece of rock.




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