26 Sep

Emancipator – All In Here

Been missing in action for a bit as I've been traveling around a lot and my internet access has been sporadic and my listening has been very much curtailed at every attempt.


Sometimes though having less to listen to is a good thing, you focus in on a track and enjoy it for what it is rather than how much it grabs your attention at any given time, and All In Here by Emancipator is one of those tracks that over the lat month has really wormed it's way into my attention.


I've only recently discovered Emancipator, by way of soundcloud surfing and 1993 was the track that first captured me, but over the last week i've found myself gravitating more and more to All in Here, perhaps it's the Baeleric feel to the track but i just love how it captures a moment and wraps it around down tempo beats and the ethereal sound of the Piano/Plucked harp.


Anyway, I won't labour the point, it's a down tempo summery track with amazing strings and a warm and comforting sound.





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