09 May

Elephant & Castle – En Memoria (feat Merrill Garbus)


While aapie awaits a connection to the world in his new home, i will be holding the fort on the blog for a few days. Today has been all over the place with no real commute but a quick dash into the office in the north and then down to the office in the south. While doing that i listened to as much music as i could and thought that i would post up a pick of the tracks to keep things ticking over. Due to my travels this post is coming to you via the wordpress app for Android (my first time) hence a different type of image and no track streaming. But there is a link to rcrdlbl.com where you can download the track for free.

Elephant & Castles self titled ep has been doing it for me for a while and it got quite a few plays today. If you haven't come across it before it its well worth checking out – a collection of electronic tracks that covers a myriad of styles – moving from intricate hip hop to busted up soul and jazz – there is real ingenuity about every track that keeps it interesting. But a stand out track is the tribal, jazz chug of 'Altered Scones', a great track that leads beautifully to another track by Elephant & Castle not on the ep – En Memoria – a track that features the tremendous Merrill Garbus, she of tUnE-yArDs who i have posted about before. Her vocals fit the sonic style beautifully, in fact the track wouldn't be out of place on a tUnE-yArDs album but not just because of the vocal.

So, below is a link to where you can download the track and make sure you check out the rest of Elephant & Castles work. http://rcrdlbl.com/2012/01/31/download_elephant_castle_en_memoria_feat_tune_yards_

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