24 Mar

Electronic – Getting away with it





If you follow the blog you’re probably aware that I am absolutely obsessed with melancholy in music. Anything that can make me feel both happy and sad at the same time really gets me, and Getting Away with it by Electronic is a truly great example of this.

Obviously the song was a big hit, UK top 12, US, Australia and Canadian top 40, and while the track probably isn’t a mystery to anyone with more than a passing interest in music I’ve been listening to it non-stop all week after using it in a music quiz I helped put together.

The thing I really like about this song is the fact that every single part of it is really strong. The musicianship, the lyrics and the singing are all nigh on perfect and it’s a great capture of the sound of the times, the unmistakable sounds of the Korg M1 Piano and Bass sounds give it a very dance music proto-house orientated feel to it.

It’s also an impressive who’s who of 80’s British music as well. Obviously Johnny Marr (legendary guitarist in The Smith, The The and The Pretenders) and Bernie Sumner (lead man from New Order) are the main the focus of the group, but on this particular track you’ve got the Pet Shop boys Neil Tenant contributing writing credits and backing vocals, and the often overlooked Anne Dudley from the Art of Noise contributes possibly the best string arrangement I’ve ever heard on a pop song.

Even better in my opinion is that the lyrics to the song are all one massive “F*ck you!” to Marrs old The Smiths band mate Morrissey. The verses written by Sumner and Tenant are a parody of Morriseys po-faced miserablism, and this is illustrated perfectly in Sumners monotone delivery. I also really like the fact that the voices of Sumner and Tenant, neither who were ever the greatest vocalists, are really pushed in the chorus. Add to that Marr’s incredibly emotive chorus and guitar work, and Dudleys moving strings and you’ve got a song that has me near to tears every time I listen to it (and that’s a lot).

I think Damon Wise from sounds magazine summed it up perfectly when he wrote: "It's nothing shocking, nothing that surprising, it's just that every time you think you're tired of it you can't help flipping back the stylus to catch that chorus".

Couldn’t agree more.


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