11 Jun

Egon – Childhood

Things are starting to settle down here in Malta but my commutes are a bit manic and a but musicless. So tonight I am going to do a quick post but share a tremendous track that was shared with us.

The track is Childhood by German  producer Egon. We are not the quickest when it comes to getting through stuff we are sent and since this was kindly shared with us he has put up a further two great tracks on Soundcloud. But I really love this track so have gone with it.

It's a beautiful piece of melodic, glitch, electronic house that,  once it kicks in, just doesn't let you go. It does remind me of stuff from ghostly such as lusine (See recent post by aapie) but this is fantastic in its own right. Plus,  you can pick it up for free, with his other tracks by following the link. Awesome stuff.

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