23 Jul

Echo Park – All Told

Aaaaaaaaaaaand i'm back after a fantastic break with the family, so many thanks to fourbearsjr for holding the fort in my absence.

Whilst I've been sunning it up in Spain I've also been destroying all my gadgets, lost my phone to a particularly vicious floor, my studio headphones to age and today just as I was about to board the train my mp3 players earbuds to my nippers hands… so I'll plead for your mercy and claim a freebie in a track i've been chatting about with my good friend Kovas over at the 64bar challenge wesbite.

About a year ago I contributed some tracks to the 64bar project that was organised and curated by Kovas, a selection of these tracks were collected into a digital album for the mighty NinjaTune records, called Boundaries. Alongside my track were a bunch of other far more capable artists and amongst them was a track by the artist Echo Park called "All Told" which blew me away on hearing it.

It's a great little choppy cut up of the Boogie soul track by Slave called "Watching You", in which he's taken it glitched it and turned in a bouncing little summer stunner. The added synths just elevate it and it's a track all about smiley faces from start to finish in my humble opinion.

Echo park is the alias for Los Aneglean Brian Gibb, who has also recorded a stack of stuff as Gunjack, do check out his wider credits, the track All Told is available from a ton of places, i grabbed it off emusic for not much more than a packet of crisps, so get on it.

I'll leave it there, enjoy.

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