02 Feb

Eat More Cake – Heat Of The Night

i must look like a lunatic when I'm driving to work in the mornings, particularly when I have tracks like this on and the sun is shining There is no doubt I will be doing some outrageous head nodding and making my sunglasses dance in time by flicking the arms behind my ears.


Aapie and I are suckers for stuff like Eat More Cake's Heat Of The Night on the excellent and ever growing Perfect Havoc label from London. It's got that perfect blend of house, electronica and pop that if done badly can you leave you going meh, or if done right, getting a bit carried away and almost driving your car into the middle of a roundabout. It's definitely the latter for this track. I like the way the vocal isn't too straight ahead and the balance of atmosphere and melody gives it some real weight. Really looking forward to more from them and the label and having a few more dicey drives to work.

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