04 Mar

East Of Ely – Waterfalls

Still not back to work so no commute. Instead I get to share a pop gem that we were kindly sent.

As we have mentioned numerous times (and Aapie mentioned again the other day) we are suckers for a bit of electro pop, and if it’s got that electronic, 80s vibe, all the better. Today’s track fits the bill perfectly.

Waterfalls by East Of Ely

This is the first time we have come across the Australian band’s work. Today’s track is from an upcoming EP and they have released a few bits before which I will most certainly be checking out. But this track is a belter. That indie meets electro pop clash really reminds me of people like the excellent Tigercity who we have featured on this blog before.

Many try their hand at this sound but few do it anywhere near as well as Waterfalls. I particularly love the chiming guitar work which really lifts the track and the vocal too, particularly the falsetto moments. The more you listen to the track the more it gets you, it builds beautifully and by the end you will be letting out a little air punch and kick. It’s the sort of track your friends will thank you for introducing them to, so make sure you do.