13 Jan

Eagles – One Of These Nights (Dawn Again Edit)

Sometimes life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it, said Ferris one day. And you know what he was god damn right, so i'm going blog a nice lazy easy listening track that I stumbled on a couple of months ago but had forgotten about until it popped up on my playlist today.


Eagles – One Of These Nights (Dawn Again Edit)


Now if you've been around these parts for any time you'll know i am utterly obsessed with yacht rock (both the WebSeries and the Music), and the Eagles are one of the greatest proponents of said musical style, so any edit of their material is always going to pique my interest, and thankfully Dawn Again has turned this into a nice little dance floor tinged slice of smoothie.


The original is the title track from the LP, and went number one in the US (I think) It's a pretty boss little tune anyway, but Dawn Again has added some nice little touches with a simple kick clap shaker beat, and some tricked out extensions and chops that create a mesmeric groove that hooks you in and keeps you on edge till the original track drops.


I know nothing about Dawn Again other than they/he/she is a re-edit producer from Melbourne Australia, but there are a few tracks on their soundcloud that are worth grabbing whilst you can… oh, did i forget to say it's a free download? yes, well it is.





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