08 Apr

E-Flex – Ease


It’s been a while. I won’t bore you with the details of why but this will be my first post in a few weeks. Aapie has been holding the fort admirably. And today is going to be a short one as it is a track i have been meaning to put up for some time.

Now one of the nice things about doing this blog is that kind people send us stuff to check out. While some of it may not be quite our bag its usually always of a high quality and then sometimes you get stuff that is just right on the money, particularly in terms of what floats my (our) boat and today’s track is just that.

Its a beautiful piece of electronica by an artist called E-Flex. better known as 16 year old Emil Hovmark. While on the surface the track may appear simple, its cleanliness is its class. The clean synths, keys, simple delays and little stutters mean that the melody is never over taken and you are left with a gorgeous summery track for listening to just as the weather starts to turn for the better.

If you check out his soundcloud page, which i implore you to do, you will find more tracks of the same quality (the track 2000 is a must) some of which you can download for free. While he moves through genres his melodies and production quality stay true. Really, really great stuff: https://soundcloud.com/e-flex

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