09 Oct

Dynasty – Outlaw (Wildcats Pt II)

The last few weeks have been insanely busy, work social and family and as such the blog has had to take a major backseat, purely for my own sanity, but now I have a few months clear I want to really focus on music again and am going to drop back into the fray with a super sick slice of east coast style hip hop.

Dynasty – Outlaw (Wildcat Of II)

I always carried a preferrence for posse cut style tracks, finding the way MC's Bounce off each other far more energetic than most single MC's vocals.

Which is why I love Outlaw so much, the way the MC's almost wrestle each other over DJ Armstead's beat for the mic is wonderful, sounding like DITC on steroids the aggression is there but not littered with profanity (though there is some), it's just lyrically clever braggadocios stuff.

The beat is a massive Barry White Love Unlimited Orchestra sample flipped really well by Armstead – in fact I liked the instrumental before I liked the vocals, having heard it at the start of a DJ Statik DMC routine (one of the best DJ intro's ever).

Anyway, there really isn't much else to say, great track, good luck hunting it down.

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