10 Sep DUSKY

Dusky – Inta

Been sat on this one for a bit now, having had it on my player for a couple of months, but it came up this morning as i was travelling into work and I thought, “yeah, why not?”

Dusky – Inta

London based Dusky, Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, are pretty popular right now, featuring in DJ mags top 100 and best of British and what not as DJ’s, but their productions have been equally as influential as their DJ sets.

The thing i like about their stuff is that you never quite know what you’re going to get, from softly drummed Berlin Deep House to today’s choice for Example, Inta a dub reggae and jungle influenced reverb laden destroyer that nearly took my head off this morning when those heavy harsh drums slammed in.

It’s quality stuff. From that first kick to the filtered dub style chant, huge piano and the big brassy sound of the moment, it comes across kind of like a cross between Ten Walls and DJ Sneak. I’ve heard it out and about and it’s never not got a reaction, especially when those big string chords drift up in the mix after the break down.

It’s clear they are going for the big room sound, without ever really selling out in the same way say Disclosure or Tensnake have (not that there is anything wrong with either artists music, it’s juts i feel they’ve just progressed to a tipping point).

Anyway, it’s amazing stuff, check it out:

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