13 Aug

Duffstep – Backseat

Ah, now. after not listening to this for about 6 months I heard this track, (Duffstep – Backseat) at a Wedding at the weekend (mine actually), and decided to grab it as a freebie today. Taken from last years "Getting to Sirius" it's a lovely little slow-mo 80's tinged sleazy disco work out.

I'm going to keep today short and pretty much just push you in the direction of the track, because…well, i'm knackered, and it's a nice track. One I'd criminally forgotten about until recently and think it should get a re-airing. Jeremy duff also records under the alias Duff Disco, and has been responsible for some of the biggest Bootlegs of the last few years, but if you head over to his Soundcloud page you can also grab them for free: http://soundcloud.com/duffdisco which is great and you can check out his Duffstep work here: http://soundcloud.com/duffstep

I grabbed the track at some point last year from eMusic, but you can get it pretty much anywhere, so please do support, and whilst we are here you should very much check out his reworking of Backseat under his duff Disco alias…. amazing looped House, that’s so good even my 80 year old dad was sat nodding his head along when i played it today


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