16 Jul

My Dry Wet Mess -Laptop Lapdance EP


Today in the car I went straight to my mp3s. Beautiful sunny morning, shades on, i was hoping something special would come on. A few tracks in and we had a winner…

Laptop Lapdance Ep from My Dry Wet Mess.

I have mentioned the whole ep as it had kindly been put up as a play list on soundcloud that you can listen through. I am not overly familiar with Giovanni Civitenga’s work but I am all over this. He has released stuff on Brain Feeder and you can hear that style in this ep but there is much more here. It’s electronic but eclectic moving between house, glitch and shuffle but carrying beautiful melodies, atmosphere and interesting programming and time changes all the way through. Infinito really stood out as a track and would have been my choice if I had selected one.

Truly, quality stuff. I picked it up from bleep.com. If you like it, do the same.


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