29 Oct

Me And My Drummer – You’re A Runner

Worked from home today so no commute. So, once again, to the computer i went and on went Spotify. First on my list of stuff to play through while i worked was the latest compilation from the German label Sinnbus – Sinnbus Vol.10.

It is a comp in honour of their 10th Anniversary and contains 34 tracks from the numerous realeases over this period, much of it in the electonic, indie pop meets dance vein. 34 tracks is a lot so i have been pretty much listening to it all day. But it is a great comp with quality running right though it, so i headed over to their Bandcamp page ( http://sinnbus.bandcamp.com ) and bought it. The starting ask is 10 euros so really it is a steal.

So it is only right to go for something from this and i have plumped for the Me And My Drummer track – You're A Runner. A coupleish years old, it still sounds great and is a beautiful slice of inde pop electronica. Very direct lyrics, that some may be put off by, but it has a dark mood that is really offset by the beautiful melodies and vocal. Interesting video too. And of course, if you like, please support by buying.

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