20 Mar

Drop Out Orchestra – The Power of Music EP

DropOutOrchestraLOGOI'm going to do things a little different today as I can't link to a specific track I'm going to feature the EP it's taken from.

Drop Out Orchestra – The Power of Music EP

File Under Disco has been making waves in the Nu-Disco and Deep House scenes with their original Disco Funk sounds from well known producers such as Rocco Raimundo, JKriv and featuring such luminaries as Idjut Boys on remix duties. Every EP so far has been a rip roaring success. So, understandably, I was pleased when they finally landed one of my favourite groups of the last few years in Drop Out Orchestra, to deliver a 6 track EP.

Drop Out Orchestra, for those that don't know, are a production unit from Sweden masterminded by the hilariously named Gary Baldi (get it?). They first made waves with their superb cover of "Daft Punks – Around the World" International Track and since then they've been busy producing, remixing and re-editing tracks your grandmother wouldn't admit to liking (like Rick Astley). Essentially they've been busy and the underlying trend in all their output has been that it's been quality.

The EP on File Under Disco continues with the deep dubby disco sounds and all the trade marks are there, huge bass, big production strings and oodles of soul, which explains why it has been getting some serious DJ support from the likes of Tensnake, The Love from Outer Space DJ's and Ali Oooft! to name a few. Whilst all the tracks on the EP are great the two stand outs for me are  disco string-tastic "The National Theatre" and "Trees, Grass & Stones" bubbly analog bass and brass deep house stomper.

There are literally no uploads of the full tracks out there, so i'm including a link to the EP sampler on Soundcloud, which gives a great feel for the EP, which you can buy on Juno .

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