21 Mar

Dorisburg – Source of Uncertainty Live Performance

It never ceases to amaze me how much good music passes by without me noticing, todays choice is a prime example. 


Dorisburg is an alias for Alexander Berg who also records as Cloud. Now Cloud were one of my favourite groups for a while, tracks like The Grid and Turning were absolute staples in my box when Dj'ing, but somehow I lost track of him/them until this weekend when sat in bed with flu I was flicking through some old music and decided to look up Cloud and see what's is what – and eventually i ended up on Dorisburg's Soundcloud page and this live performance from: Source of Uncertainty Live Performance Recorded Winter 2010


It's 30 minutes of experimental melody driven Electronica. That's not to say it's wishy washy, there are a couple of moments when it absolutely f*cking kicks (jump to around the 12-13 minute mark and check how that rhythm builds), but the real driving force behind the material is how mesmeric and, uhm for want of a better word, rotational it feels, always circling, always coming back around pulling you with it.


Anyway, it's an interesting listen and a free download, and Dorisburgs Soundcloud is worth delving into.


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