04 Jun

Dølle Jølle – Balaeric Incantation





And I'm back. Been a busy couple of weeks and have had little time for music talk, and many thanks to fourbearsjr for holding the fort whilst I was away.

With today being a UK bank holiday (to celebrate Paddington Bears Diamond jubilee), I had no jurney into work, and instead decided to opt for a track that has never been far from my player for the last four years, Dølle Jølle – Balaeric Incantation.

Even though Jørn Knutsen Dolle Jolle is probably a little less well known than the other Scandinavian deep house/disco bods, but as the track hs been well documented due to it's massive popularity I'll not waste many words talking about it. What i will say is that, for me, this track ( alongside Lindstroms Ballerina) is one of the defining moments of the whole Nordic scene. It's a tribute to the track that even after four years its still one of my favourite Scandinavian house tracks, with it's simple arppegiated guitar line and deep and lush synths it just holds your attention. It's perfect music for sitting on a beach or sweating it out on the dance floor.

I struggled to choose between the oroginal and Todd Terje Remix, I love them both, and decided to opt for the Remix purely on the basis that I think most people will prefer his restructuring of it..

Two tracks I've been listening to a lot of late is Manuel Göttsching's legendary E2-E4, and the above track. If you don't know E2-E4 it's a 50 minute concept album/track by the Ashra Temple guitarist, based around a singular synth line that mutates over the course of 50 minutes supplemented by Göttsching's lazy guitar styling (if you've never heard it please check it out it is stunning).

I think they sit well together, and though some people may baulk at the thought of comparing them, I think, although very different beasts, they are two must have tracks cut from the same cloth.

*image from Resident Advisor

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