22 Jan

Django Django – First Light


I was really hoping today’s track would come on the radio this morning as I really wanted to post it up after hearing it the other day.

First Light by Django Django.

I am a big fan of their first album, in fact I think one of my first posts was their track Hale Bop. This is a track they are releasing initially as a white label 12″ (nice touch) with an album to follow I presume. And on the basis of this track I am pretty darn excited about further stuff.

This sounds like a great continuation from their first album. Also reminds me of Javelin a bit. Whatever, is a tremendous blend of indie, electronic goodness with those awesome beachboys style harmonies they do so well. Oh, it’s so infectious, to the point I can’t stop playing it. My favourite bit is the deep synths that come on at the end, immense.

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