19 Mar

DJ Whut! – Guess Who’s (hunch) Back?

I warn you now, if you dont' like shadowy and atmospheric dance music then today’s post is not for you.

I was pretty whacked out when i left for work, the family is away so it's just me on my own, and the weather has gone a bit cooler and darker, and even though the rains held off it's not the nicest out there. So when i made it to the train i was flicking through my playlists and i decided to listen to this mixtape by my old DJ buddy DJ Whut!

DJ Whut! – Guess Who's (hunch) Back?

Essentially it's 42 minutes of dark somber smoke laden Dub Step – yes, i know, i know, Dub Step, awful genre. Well not really it's just like so many other genres when it becomes popular it segments and variations on a theme drift to the public and it loses it’s soul. But beneath it all there are always people producing and dj'ing deep stripped back I don't want to use the term hardcore but, well hardcore urban soundscapes rooted firmly in the central vortex that is the foundation of the scene.

This mix by Whut really dives in at the, uhm, deep end of the gnere. Slow drums with neck snapping snares, modulated and comb filtered bass that is as far from your cheesy Wobble as you'll get. Brooding synths, with off timed melodies and spoken word samples that are pretty terrifying all in all.

I’ve known Whut for something like 12 years, and he’s one of the most talented DJ’s I’ve ever known, able to rip up a turntable with the best scratch DJ’s out there but also never scared to sit back and let the music do the work – this mix is the latter and his selection is nothing less than exemplary. If you’re a layman within the scene such as myself, with a love for deep soulful techno-tinged music then it’s a great jumping in point.

grab it, though keep the lights on.

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