16 Feb

DJ T – Philly






So today I am going to do it a little differently. As many people say, the great thing about music is that it can be the soundtrack to many things in your life; walking to work, travelling, going out. I love the way that tracks can stay with you through many events and instantly bring back memories, making you smile at times you wouldn’t expect to or weren’t planning to. This is the case with DJ T – Philly.

Most people know Get Physical and most people know DJ T so I am not going to say too much about them. There are two things about this track though, 1) I love it and 2) it has been on a journey with me that automatically takes me back to certain moments with some of my best friends.

The first time I heard it was in a dodgy B&B in Blackpool (very exotic) about 8 years ago on a stag do. Getting ready to go out and frequent some dodgy clubs and even dodgier music my friend introduced me to the Sancho Panza ‘Float’ mix cd on a TV/CD combo in our room (I am not joking it was that bad). If you haven’t heard this mix cd it is worth hunting down, with great tracks such as Ewan Pearson’s remix of Manilla by Seelenluft & The Silvercity Bob Orchestra and Number 1 by Eastwick and Holloway (both tracks, legends in their own right). But it was Philly that won it for me and we were both doing the “Boo Boo’s” by the end of it. A good night followed.

The next time was in Ibiza about 6 years ago with friends, same mate, last night of our trip and the end to a great week, in El Divino, appreciating some Dj Sneak action. What should he play as the last track….Philly. Grown men were hugging and crying it was that emotional. It was the same year that Get Physical released another classic, ‘Body Language’ by M.A.N.D.Y….but it was still Philly for me.

The last one I will mention was about 5 years ago, same friends, Tom Middleton of Jedi Knights/Global Communications dj’ing in a bar called Nobo in Warsaw (the bar is now closed, real shame). A truly splendid night in a great place with great music…Tom Middleton hands the mic to my friend to sing the lyrics of Manilla over the top of a track, my friend types a track on his mobile and shows it to Tom i.e. have you got this and will you play it…He shrugs, says why not…he has it, he plays it…its Philly…the place goes absolutely mad.

The track, well, have a listen – it’s house, its disco, its 8 minutes of perfection. There have been remixes but they don’t come close. You can download it from many places, so make sure you do.


Playlist Thursday 16th February 2012

Driving to work, DJ T came on, and though I was pretty shattered from another sleepless night everything seemed better as all those memories stormed through my mind. I was driving so no chance to skip, so to keep the mood up I went to an EP from one of my favourite bands The Radio Dept. I won’t say too much about them now as I am sure a track will make an appearance on this blog at some point. The journey was short and so after those few tracks, a few more from the first M.Craft album ‘I can see it all tonight’ saw me to work. Nice stuff, he has moments of folk, bossa nova and bits of Neil Young meets Pink Floyd. It made quite a buzz when it came out in 2004 and is still nice now.

Playlist: DJ T – Philly, Porn Sword Tobacco – Soft Airgun & Electric, The Radio Dept. – Never Follow Suit (EP), M Craft – Dragonfly, M Craft – Sweets, M Craft – Come To My Senses

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