21 Apr

DJ Shadow – Systematic Feat. Nas

It's always a worry when two of your all time heroes team up. On paper it's a wonderful thing, but in reality it's often the case the magnificence of the idea is far better than the actual output. So I was a little nervous when I saw DJ shadow and Nas had collaborated on a track. 


Thankfully it's a bloody awesome slice of pounding Classic Era style (hold that thought) hip Hop in which both of them get to flex their respective chops, Shadow delivering an utterly brilliant beat (complete with chopped guitar loop and trademark boom bap drums) and Nas smashing the verses with consummate ease.


Anyone who's grown up in the Hip Hop era will know both Shadow and Nas. Two legends, who when at the top of their game were untouchable. Shadow almost redefined hip hop for producers by making it ok to not have an MC, Nas took Hip Hop and dominated it with incredible flow and clever intricate wordsmithery – at his best he was one of the greatest MC's to ever rap, for my money better than JayZ, Biggie and Tupac (none of who are my favourites anyway). 


The thing about the track is, much like Shadows Collaboration with Run the Jewels it's nice to hear them both bring that throwback classic feel to a track without ever sounding like a golden era knock off – it's fresh energetic and modern despite all those classic elements. 


The tracks from a new HBO TV series, Silicon Vally, no idea what the TV show will be like but if this is any indication about the soundtrack…. anyway, very rarely do I jump on an exclusive/immediate release but this had to be done, it's that good.


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