01 Dec

DJ Shadow – You Can’t Go Home Again

Quick one from me as it has been a long week and it's only Monday. Actually it has been a long weekend, and I just hit shuffle on the way into work. Nothing particularly thoughtful about the selection of music on my Nexus, just some stuff i loaded up on a whim and about 10 tracks on came todays choice:

DJ Shadow – You Can't Go Home Again

There are but two kinds of DJ Shadow fans in this world, those that like The Private Press and those that don't. I'm in the like it category, most other people hate it as it wasn't as obviously hip hop as Endtroducing. Yeah, it had some dodgy moments on it, much like RJD2's second album, but the couple of moments it did have were out of this world, and You Can't Go Home Again was one of those tracks that when i first heard it i was blown away.

It’s easy to be down on the album, I guess people expected more sample driven smoked out trip hop but people gow and move on and for me i found it was a natural progress form Endtroducing to The Private Press, and considering the sample sources for Endtroducing people can hardly have been surprised when Shadows second album turned out to be a diverse grown up trip into his musical listening.

It's pretty simple, just a very very dark rotating loop that gradually builds layer over layer, drums double timing the rhythm and slow filtered samples and strings the track just gradually builds until around 2:40 when it switches up and builds to synth Laden crescendo that just swallows you whole.

Luckily it also has a pretty crazy video, that builds on the layers motif and then some.

It's a long time since i heard it but it came on and got rewound a lot.


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