12 Feb

DJ Phurty – ‘Beat Street’ Mashed Feat DJ Jeff

Growing up in the 80's you were one of two types of kids, either one who was into Break Dancing and Electro and one who wasn't. Both myself and Fourbearsjr were in the first category, and Beat Street was our favourite film bar none. The VHS Video our Dad bought us one summer was completely worn out by the end of the school holiday.


The soundtrack was pretty awesome, tracks like Breakers Revenge and Frantic Situation were classics then and now. 


Anyway, to cut to the chase the other day my friend (DJ)Broke put me onto this neat little mix up of the album by DJ Phurty, and I've got to say it's fantastic.

Clipped together in a Double D & Steinski Manner, the whole album is cut and pasted and mashed together to make a 25minute megamix with some extra cuts from DJ Jeff. Dialog Soundbites add a sense of story o the mix and I guarantee you'll be transported back to a time when you couldn't walk through a shopping arcade without the smell of Pledge polished Lino flooding your nostrils.


It's a very clever mix, the production values are so on and it's well wroth grabbing whilst you can.


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