02 Mar

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Doing it for DILLA! Mixtape

I got up early today and just as i was about to leave the house when I noticed a new mix tape by Jazzy Jeff up on Soundcloud and I had to grab it and throw it on the Nexus, and I’m pleased I took the time (and nearly missed my train).

Actually it's a live set from the world renowned Johnny Brendas in Philidelphia, so i'm afraid it's a bit of lazy post today as from the moment i left the house till the minute i got back i was listening to this.

​The set is a homage to Dilla, picking out tracks and beats he sampled, mixed up with a few other pieces…..but really while i love a bit of Dilla, it's the flow of the set and the skills on display that make it such a cracking listen. Juggles, Scratching.

It's an obviously mellow listen, nice easy soulful Hip Hop, with some great MC's, flitting between indie LA beats and the more soulful Philly sound it toes the line perfectly between being a set a crowd can bump to one you can just sit back and sip your tea to. It’s a great listen, so grab it now:

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