15 Jan

DJ Food – Dark Lady


Today is going to be one of those short posts for a couple of reasons. 1) i didn't really have a commute and 2) i need to get off and make my good wife's dinner. However, that doesn't lessen the quality of the track i am posting up today.

I was going through my music and i cam across today's track – Dark Lady by DJ Food. Actually, i came across the Damien Harris mix which is very good but i decided to go for the more direct original. I got in to DJing playing funk, soul, hip hop, but also alot of jazz, many years ago and then naturally gavitated to the poorly named 'big beat' scene. Around the start of that time, the Ninja Tunes label started up and with it the artist/collective DJ Food. Most people who read this will know all this so i won't go in to it, indeed, many people will know this track as it is a bit of a classic.

What i like about this track personally is that it fits with my transition from jazz to more dancefloor orientated stuff – it uses a sample from Flora Purim's Open Your Eyes You Can Fly which is a great track itself. I also love the hip hop shuffle beat in the back ground and the fact that i don't think this track has really dated.

I only have this on vinyl hence the youtube link. Hope you like.


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