03 Dec

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together

Sometime the only thing that can wake you up in the morning is some nosebleed inducing thumping house and having had a pretty late night yesterday i decided to shuffle through an old Daft Punk inspired playlist, hit this and thought "yeah, why not?"

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together

This is one of those tracks you would hear in every club you went to. It was around the summer of 2000 and it came out on the gargantuan Roulé (meaning Rolled) and i clearly remember buying it and then heading off to Rooty, the Basement Jaxx run club night, with it still in my Bag. About halfway through the night after Frank Tope had finished Basement Jaxx took to the decks and after a few of their own tracks they dropped this. The bar, the pool tables everything emptied, arms went in the air the place went mental and the fire system kicked in and cut all the PA systems power.

It is the most simple of tracks, sampling Slaves Because of You and adding a thumping bassline and heavy kick that's driving the side chain to infinity and beyond.

I reckon it must have got played about 5-6 times that night, so roughly how many times I played it this morning, it's still brilliant.

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