10 Oct

Discovery – I Want You Back

Today’s track is one that you are probably going to love or hate. Saying that, I still haven’t made my mind up about it, so it kind of blows my hypothesis out of the window a touch.

Today I drove to work with my wife and son and the radio was on – it was rather nice, it was cold but bright and the radio was playing some old classics. Before leaving I had decided to play the link game – I had to either post up a track by an artist that was played or by one who had a direct link to the artist via the track being played. Things were made pretty easy as straight out of the traps ‘I want you back’ by the Jackson 5 came on and it made me think of this track straight away.

Discovery are Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend and Wesley Miles, the vocalist from Ra Ra Riot. Two bands I like and who have quite a bit in common. The album LP was released in 2009 and is a kind of R&B meets electronic pop homage with guest appearances from Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend and Angel Deradoorian from Dirty Projectors. I kind of also see it as a precursor for the more electronic approach that Vampire Weekend took on their second album.

Discovery take some of the best bits from R&B, particularly production techniques, but then put it through their melodic, messed up indie filter. ‘I want you back’ is a great example of this – its interesting to hear the lyrics isolated in this way as they could be mistaken for many standard R&B tracks – it kind of shows how much the melody, production and delivery by MJ really were essential to making it such a great track. They have kept the core elements of the tune – the bass and stabs but have absolutely busted it up and taken the vocals into OTTville. Like I said, many will think this is sacrilege (I certainly did at first) but it is quite infectious, as is the rest of the album. Well worth checking out.

Image from LastFM.


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