06 May Disco Despair

Disco Despair – I’m No Good (Feat. Her Favorite Flavor)

Been away on holiday for a week or so, so woefully behind on posts and all the music we've been sent, but the one thing a 6 hour drive gives you is some listening time. As you may, or may not, know driving with a small child in the back can make listening to music tricky (the Kendrick Lamar Lp is out for example) but when you do find a track kids like they tend to demand it be put on repeat for an eye clawingly long time…. and today's choice got some "play it again poppa" action form Aapie Jr

Disco Despair – I'm No Good (Feat. Her Favorite Flavor)

Now i've featured some of the Finnish Label ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L material before, the EP by Roisto a few months back, and "I'm no good" is of a similar disco house ilk. Something i like about ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L is how they seem to be developing a canny knack for tracks that toe the line between big room house and those bridge tracks that you'll hear across multiple genre sets and compilations like Hed Kandi and Future Disco.

Which kind of makes sense as Disco Despair is actually an alias for Lassi Vierimaa who you may know as Scape who dropped a huge track a huge track in "be my friend" about 2004. 

"I'm no good" starts out with a big electro house intro, single note walking bass line and a mellow vocal, but it's all about when the track kicks into the Chorus, filtered chords, a big fat bouncing slapped bass and a catchy as hell vocal hook. The track is just one of those tracks that you'll end up hearing everywhere.

I guess it reminds me a lot of stuff like Mademoiselle, Defender and the ilk… anyway, it's a great little track, from a great label that's clearly got a solid game plan in place. 

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