08 Apr

Disco Despair – You Are Girl (Feat. Jeremey David)

We've featured Disco Despair a couple of times on here, I'm an unashamed fan of their disco dinged pop tinged house. So I was interested to see they had a new track coming out on Youth Control (a label that regularly features on the blog) and was extremely happy to find it in my inbox earlier this week.


It's another very strong outing from the Finnish label, an instant feel good sing along pop tune. In some ways I was actually a little bit surprised by the track, it feels far more R'n'B tinged than previous tracks by DD or on Youth Control. It's still house, and in a lot of ways Nu-Disco, but it hugely reminds me of the mid 90's Brit Soul scene (Beverly Knight, Soul II Soul ) but it also feels like it references US artists like Guy and Jam and Lewis era New Edition and Ralph Tresvant. 


I always hate making comparisons, it feels a little lazy, and undermines the standing of the track on it's own, but that shouldn't be the case as "You are Girl" is a just an energetic slice of up tempo sing along pop music, that I imagine would be equally at home on the radio as the dance floor, and lounge set.


Perhaps I'm wide of the mark with my comparisons, but certainly Jeremey David's vocals are very soulful, soft and emotive it's a simple song that carries with it a wonderful element of emotion in the delivery. It's sad, but happy, and i guess melancholic and we love melancholic.


Production wise the track starts out simple enough with a bass line and David's vocal, but the energy picks up quickly and the chorus hits and those soaring synth stabs and strings are introduced to great effect, the track feels well rounded, and something I've noticed with a lot of Youth Controls releases really well balanced in the mix, I'm not sure who's doing their mixing and mastering by they deserve a huge amount of credit as all too often music in this genre feels either too flat or too wide.


The song is really well written and again I must say that chorus is huge, but in some ways the track builds to a crescendo all too quickly, I found myself going back to it over and over which is both a good thing but also a frustration, there is an extended version that builds a bit more slowly but I personally (as a DJ) would have liked to have seen a more extended edit for working the dance floor a little more on the EP.


Regardless, the EP as a whole is very nice four tracks inc the extended version. Track two, "I guess You Know feat Theresa is a more traditional Disco tinged house track and track three Our Time is Coming is a more mid-tempo 80's soundtrack piece of electronica.


So yeah, again a superb EP by both Disco Despair and Youth Control, it's out on the 15th go grab it.


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