17 Jul

Dirty Projectors – Impregnable Question

OK, I know that I posted about the Dirty Projectors before, and that it was the other day, and that it was a track off their new album. But, I got the album over the weekend and haven’t played anything else since – plus, both days travelling into work this week were soundtracked by it. As Aapie said the other day – rules are there to be broken.

It is such a great, great, great, GREAT album, I had to put up another track from it, and to get back to the rules, this blog is called the walk to work and this is what I have been listening to on my commute.

I could write for hours about the great elements of this album but the fact is, Dave Longstreth manages so many styles (at times, soul, hip hop, R&B, African guitar/ rhythms and Alt Rock) so effortlessly. The beautiful harmonies and melodies hold the tracks together but get pushed and pulled all over the place and so never fall into the obvious – this is helped by the fact that many of the vocals were recorded on the 1st takes and plenty of little anomalies aLnd mistakes have been left in the playing. The track I have gone for is the tremendous ‘Impregnable Question’ which is a superb almost motwon like alt/soul track – like Smokey Robinson took to writing for the band and I am putting up a great live version of it.  Its one of the more straight ahead tracks but that doesn’t make it any less phenomenal. I’ll stop preaching now, I know it is annoying. But, make sure you pick the album up….it really is that good.


Playlist Tuesday 17th July 2012

It has all been about this album. I drove in with my wife and son today and they had no choice but to listen to it. Plus they had to listen to me witter on about it how good it is. Think I have said enough about the band now. Time to move on.

Playlist: Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan (Album…again and again and again and again)

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