10 Dec

Dinosaur Jr – Just Like Heaven

So tonight is a straight up classic by one of my favourite bands from my youth. Dinosaur Jr have stood the test of time well and they have been getting quite a bit of coverage recently for their appearances with people like Bob Mould etc.

And being a fan, part of me wanted to post something they wrote or maybe a bit obscure, but to be honest I hammered this on the way to work and I still think it is one of the best cover versions ever.

They somehow manage to stay reasonably true to The Cure original while shredding it and a lot of that is down to the superb guitar and vocal from Mascis. The guitars just build and build – in fact my friends quickly got sick of me shouting "count them". It starts with a fuzz bass, then an acoustic, then the 3 extra electric parts. It's just superb and still sounds fantastic now. plus the solo is awesome. Still love it.



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