23 Feb

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Sick child at the weekend meant not much time for my own things, so after watching my little pony Rainbow rocks for about the  100th time in 48 hours i decided i needed to lighten my mood and dialed in the first Digital Underground LP Sex Packets.

If you don't have it get it, it's a classic and there can be only one choice off that album:

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Yes, it's an obvious choice, yes it's been done a billion times before but….. it's still brilliant, and really lightened my mood.

Obviously i dont' need to go into too much detail about the track. Needless to say Shock G is the MC and producer. It's a masterclass in sampling, featuring Parliament, SLy and the Family stone and the Vibrettes and his cheesy but cool delivery. The whole song is one massive diss to the super polished Hip Hop bands of the time, especially Mc Hammer and the video is as funny as the song is great.

And on that note i'm just gonna leave this here:

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