16 Feb

Dicky Trisco – CB 162

DTphoto I'm struggling to write todays blog post, it's late I'm tired and it's proving difficult to get accross how much i enjoyed this mix without it reading like a load of dribbling tosh or that i'm trying to rehash some old "house came from disco" cliches. So i'm not gonna waste anyones time and get straight to it. I'm featuring a cracking mix by  Dicky Trisco.

The mix, done as a precursor to his forthcoming tour, is a fantastic stripped back Disco House mix for the Japanese website Clubberia, taking in the current cream of the stripped back disco sound the track list is a proper journey through Disco edits, stripped back disco tinged  house and acidic wobbles taking in a few of his own reworks along the way

I've known Dicky for a while now and he is someone i've got a huge amount of respect for. Apart from being a very nice guy whos shown me a huge amount of support over the years he's one of the few DJ's out there who really thinks about his mixes, and slots his tracks together in such a way that they benefit from the segues rather than taking the "wahey it's in time i guess i'd better fade it out" approach that 90% of the dj mixes i hear take, and i think that's important in this day and age of anyone with a PC can do a mix.

It takes in tracks from Deep & Disco/J kriv, Late Night Tuff Guy, Ray Mang, Dicky himself, the mighty Bonar Bradbury and scando-disco heads Drop Out Orchestra to name but a few, so it's got something for everyone in it and it's testament to how good it is that in less than 1 days it's blown through the 1000 listens mark on soundcloud.


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